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How features are added into Koha

When you plan to do some nice stuff on Koha, you must do 2 things :

  • announce what you'll work on. That allows anyone else interested in your work to jump in, make suggestion, share ideas. Or even maybe share work !
  • publish soon and often: the more often you'll publish, the easiest it will be to have your stuff integrated into Koha.

Announcing your work

Publish soon / publish often

  • Don't forget to add your git repository to
  • develop the feature on a branch that has the same name as the bug number (BZ5482 for example), on your local repository
  • rebase your branch on master as often as possible/needed
  • inform koha-devel mailing list of any noticeable progress

Integration into official release

When the feature has been added to the master branch and will thus be available in the next release, the category "version X.Y" can be set. (the category RFC for X.Y can be kept checked as well, to keep track of what was planned)

RFC Template

You'll find a RFC wikimedia template for your RFCs. To file an RFC,just add a page with the following content:

|title=An example
|developer=lot of ppl
|bug=<bugzilla number>
|desc=this is my description bla bla bla
|repo=link(s) to currently published work on this RFC

Check appropriate lowermost categories in the category selection interface below the main edit text box or add a new category as follows. Please use spaces which will be substituted for underscores internally. Please avoid characters which have special meaning in URLs such as '&'.

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