Advanced editor macros endpoint RFC

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This RFC should be the basis for writing an endpoint for CRUD operations on advanced editor macros following the guidelines. The implementation will be handled in bug 17268

Actions and routes

The following table presents the proposed routes and actions mappings to be implemented.

Order object definition

Description Action
List macros
 GET /advanced_editor/macros
Add a macro
 POST /advanced_editor/macros
Add a shared macro
 POST /advanced_editor/macros/shared
Get a macro
 GET /advanced_editor/macros/{macro_id}
Get a shared macro
 GET /advanced_editor/macros/shared/{macro_id}
Update a macro
 PUT /advanced_editor/macros/{macro_id}
Update a shared macro
 PUT /advanced_editor/macros/shared/{macro_id}
Delete a macro
 DELETE /advanced_editor/macros/{macro_id}
Delete a shared macro
 DELETE /advanced_editor/macros/shared/{macro_id}
DB schema Proposed API Details
id macro_id Generated on POST
name name
macro macro_text
borrowernumber patron_id
shared shared


  • Route: I would suggest /advanced_editor/macros

--tcohen 16:36, 10 April 2018 (EDT)