Holds endpoint RFC

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This RFC should be the basis for making the holds endpoint follow the guidelines. Bug reports still need to be filed.

Actions and routes

The following table presents the current implementation, and the proposed changes.

Description Action Current path Proposed path
List holds
Add a hold
Get a hold
Overwrite a hold
Delete a hold
Partially update a hold

Hold object definition

DB schema Current API tcohen Katrin
reserve_id reserve_id hold_id hold_id
borrowernumber borrowernumber patron_id patron_id
reservedate reservedate hold_date hold_date
biblionumber biblionumber biblio_id biblio_id
branchcode branchcode pickup_library_id pickup_library_id
notificationdate notificationdate REMOVED REMOVED
reminderdate reminderdate REMOVED REMOVED
cancellationdate cancellationdate cancelation_date cancelation_date
reservenotes reservenotes notes notes
priority priority priority priority
found found status (probably an ENUM with more meaningful values) status
timestamp timestamp timestamp timestamp
itemnumber itemnumber item_id item_id
waitingdate waitingdate waiting_date waiting_date
expirationdate expirationdate expiration_date expiration_date
lowestPriority lowestPriority lowest_priority (boolean) lowest_priority
suspend suspend suspended (boolean) suspended (boolean)
suspend_until suspend_until suspend_until suspended_until
itemtype itemtype item_type item_type