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Local cover images RFC

Status: unknown
Sponsored by: "Sikh National Archives"
Developed by: Koustubha Kale
Expected for: 11-Feb-2011
Bug number: Bug 1633
Work in progress repository: No URL given.
Description: I have received sponsorship from "Sikh National Archives" to add the ability in Koha to display book covers scanned and stored locally in the server. "Sikh National Archives" have a lot of old / rare / books & manuscripts which do not have ISBN hence this requirement.

Here are the customer requirements in brief :

1. Provide facility to upload scanned cover images linked to biblionumber.

2. Create required mysql tables to hold cover images.

3. Provide global system preference to control display of local cover images in OPAC.

4. Create system preference to decide priority of cover images from multiple providers such as Amazon, Google, Local.

5. Customize OPAC to display only first cover image found as per system preference priority.

6. Customize OPAC search and detail pages to display local cover images linked to biblionumber.

7. Provide user rights management to control upload of images.

I have added this information to Bug 1633 here : http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=1633

Requesting for comments and suggestions..

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