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The purpose of this page, is to collect references to all RFCs related to the REST api. It is organized by API version. V1 is proposed to be kept until the API covers a reasonable amount of endpoints.

All endpoints and attribute names should respect the terminology guidelines. Terminology changes are discussed as needed on developer meetings. Controller's code needs to respect the project's Coding guidelines and the supplemental API coding guidelines.

Note: for readability purposes, endpoint routes are shortened on this pages, the /api/<version> prefix is omitted. As an example, /patrons stands for /api/v1/patrons in version 1.

Version 1 (in development)

Endpoint Decision status Implementation status Koha version
/account/lines Voted
/acquisitions/funds Voted
/acquisitions/orders Voted
/acquisitions/vendors Voted
/biblios Voted
/cities Voted Done 18.05
/holds Voted Assigned (tcohen)
/libraries Voted Assigned (alex_a)
/patrons Voted Done 18.05
/patrons/{patron_id}/account Voted PQA (tcohen)
/patrons/{patron_id}/account/credits Voted NSO (tcohen)
/patrons/{patron_id}/account/debits Voted Assigned (tcohen)
/patrons/{patron_id}/password Voted