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Hea: Koha Usage Statistics

Status: unknown
Sponsored by: Marseille hackfest 2014
Developed by: Alex Arnaud, Julian Maurice, Claire Hernandez, Jonathan Druart, Paul Poulain
Expected for: 2014-04-12
Bug number: Bug 11926
Work in progress repository: https://gitlab.com/koha-community/hea-ws https://gitlab.com/koha-community/hea-app
Description: * Collecting Koha usage statistics (Koha pushes data anonymously or not based on sysprefs)
  • Server records metrics in a database
  • Webapp renders stats on a community website
  • One goal is to have a big bicture of how koha is used

What is Hea

It a website to collect data from libraries using Koha.

Why these statistics are useful

The main information we will able to have is how many libraries are using Koha?

How big they are? How many patrons are registered? How many items are they?

Moreover, the developers need to know which parts of Koha is used and which other parts are not.

On this way they will concentrate on features used by most people.

They will also be able to clean unused code.

How to collaborate

To have your library data displayed on the website, you just have to follow these instructions:

  • Enable the syspref UsageStats

Note that this feature is only present on the 3.18 release, at the moment.

But it will be backport to 3.16 and maybe 3.14 (see the bug report for more information).

You can also set other system preferences related to Hea:

  • UsageStatsCountry : The country where your library is located: This will be shown on the Hea Koha community website.
  • UsageStatsLibraryName The library name will be shown on the Hea Koha community website. If this field is empty data will be sent anonymously.
  • UsageStatsLibraryType The library type will be shown on the Hea Koha community website.
  • UsageStatsLibraryUrl The library URL will be shown on the Hea Koha community website.

These data are displayed on the Hea website!

Which data are sent ?

Only the number of lines in these tables (anonymously) :

  • biblio
  • items
  • auth_header
  • old_issues
  • old_reserves
  • borrowers
  • aqorders
  • subscription

And some system preference values to know which parts of Koha modules are used. You can find this list of system preference values in C4/UsageStats.pm.

The first time data are sent, a random ID (UsageStatsID) is generated server side. Please don't change it, to not bias the results.

If you want to tell us who you are, you can fill the UsageStatsLibraryName system preference with your library name, UsageStatsLibraryUrl, UsageStatsLibraryType and/or UsageStatsCountry.