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Export biblio from commandline

Status: unknown
Sponsored by: CG55 (BibLibre)
Developed by: BibLibre developpers and Fran├žois as project manager
Expected for: already in production - need to rebase asap
Bug number: Bug 5600
Work in progress repository: git://git.biblibre.com:koha_biblibre.git branch unilim/ft/MT7481 (merged on dev/cg55 and dev/solr)
Description: - Allows to use tools/export.pl from commandline

- export borrowers in a simple way (pipe-separated fields). Fields to export can be supplied in command-line parameters.

- Adds the --deleted_barcodes option, which produces a text file with deleted items barcodes. Can be combined with the --date option.

- Make sure timestamp is updated when a biblio is deleted

- Build a specific query in tools/export.pl when --date is used to check timestamp on biblioitems, items and deleteditems

- Adds a CLI option to tools/export.pl to remove NSE/NSB (Non-Sorting-End and Non-Sorting-Begin) characters from exported records

$ perl tools/export.pl --help
export.pl [--format=format] [--date=date] [--dont_export_items] [--deleted_barcodes] [--clean] --filename=outputfile
 * format is either 'xml' or 'marc' (default)
 * date should be entered as the 'dateformat' syspref is set (dd/mm/yyyy for metric, yyyy-mm-dd for iso, mm/dd/yyyy for us)
 * records exported are the ones that have been modified since 'date'
 * if --deleted_barcodes is used, a list of barcodes of items deleted since 'date' is produced (or from all deleted items if no date is specified)
 * --clean removes NSE/NSB
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