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Object definition

DB schema API Description
itemnumber item_id Internal item identifier
biblionumber biblio_id Internal identifier for the parent bibliographic record
biblioitemnumber REMOVED No point exposing internal (useless) information
barcode barcode The item's barcode
dateaccessioned acquisition_date Date the item was acquired
booksellerid acquisition_source Information about the acquisition source (it is not really a vendor id)
homebranch home_library Internal library id for the library the item belongs to
price purchase_price Purchase price
replacementprice replacement_price Cost the library charges to replace the item (e.g. if lost)
replacementpricedate replacement_price_date Date the replacement price is effective from
datelastborrowed last_checkout_date Date the item was last checked out
datelastseen last_seen_date Date the item barcode was last scanned
stack REMOVED Unused
notforloan notforloan
damaged damaged
damaged_on damaged_on
itemlost itemlost
itemlost_on itemlost_on
withdrawn withdrawn
withdrawn_on withdrawn_on
itemcallnumber itemcallnumber
coded_location_qualifier coded_location_qualifier
issues issues
renewals renewals
reserves reserves
restricted restricted
itemnotes itemnotes
itemnotes_nonpublic itemnotes_nonpublic
holdingbranch holdingbranch
paidfor paidfor
timestamp timestamp
location location
permanent_location permanent_location
onloan onloan
cn_source cn_source
cn_sort cn_sort
ccode ccode
materials materials
uri uri
itype itype
more_subfields_xml more_subfields
enumchron enumchron
copynumber copynumber
stocknumber stocknumber
new_status new_status


--Kfischer 14:18, 26 August 2018 (EDT)

  • barcode: In times of RFID, I wonder if this is not misleading Is there a better/common term that could be used instead?
  • dateaccessioned: acquisition_date is better, wondering if date_added or creation_date could also be options.
  • holdingbranch: holding_library to match home_library and terminology.
  • notforloan: Maybe for_reference. Maybe another opinion on this one.
  • itemlost, itemlost_in: lost, lost_on. We already know we are talking about items here.
  • itemcallnumber: callnumber. Same.
  • coded_location_qualifier: Same as with stack, we don't activley use it, but some libraries might store things in there.
  • issues: checkouts or checkout_count
  • reserves: Should definitely be something 'holds'. Maybe: holds_count. Might be unused Bug 12530
  • itemnotes_nonpublic: internal_notes
  • itemnotes: public_notes
  • onloan: Maybe checked_out or even due_date?
  • cn_source, cn_sort: maybe callnumber_source and callnumber_sort? Makes relation clearer.
  • paidfor: Or paid_for? Is not very telling and we have argued it should be removed Bug 18818 (privacy issue)
  • ccode: I think collection or collection_code would be better.
  • materials: Maybe use materials_notes instead as its one of our notes fields.
  • itype: Use item_type (see holds API)
  • more_subfields_xml: Fixed the db column name above by adding _xml.
  • copynumber: copy_number
  • stocknumber: Displays as Inventory number in the GUI. Suggestion: inventory_number
  • enumchron: we might be able to find something better? Description in Koha varies.