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Bugs and Enhancement discussions


Sometimes, patches or bugs requires some strategic discussion to define the best way to do something. This discussion can be purely technical, or functionnal.

A new bug status "in discussion" has been created in 2011 december, to identify those bugs.

On the 2012 february IRC meeting, we decided the following workflow for those bugs:

  • start a wiki page explaining what is to be discussed, what's the problem, what are the possible solutions, with pros and cons
  • send a mail to koha-devel and koha mailing lists to let everybody know there's a discussion that started
  • let ppl discuss (on the mailing lists or on the wiki) of the possible solutions, pros and cons, until the next IRC meeting, but not less than one full week
  • at the next IRC meeting,
    - if the discussion (on the wiki or koha-devel) result in a general agreement, nothing specific need to be made (no vote needed)
    - if the discussion result in a balanced situation, organize a vote.
  • Ppl that can't attend the next IRC meeting can express their vote on the wiki, it will be counted during the IRC meeting
  • After the IRC meeting, report the conclusions to the mailing lists, and make the decision real by updating the bugs !

Current discussions

Past discussions

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