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Better currency handling (& displaying)

Status: unknown
Sponsored by: St Etienne University
Developed by: BibLibre
Expected for: 2011-05-01
Bug number: Bug 5348
Work in progress repository: No URL given.
Description: We will generalise the use of Locale::Currency::Format and improve it (EUR & USD being hardcoded atm)
  • amounts are not properly displayed everywhere (there are inconsistencies): sometimes there is no currency, sometimes it's hardcoded before the number (in France, is should be after), sometimes it's correct.
  • In Koha 3.2, we display money amount by hardcoding some parts of the display. for example, USD100,000.00 or 100 000,00€. We will add a better and more efficient way to display amounts.

That will mean having a package like C4::Numbers::MoneyDisplay with a syspref and full use of Locale::Currency::Format

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