Rfc 3.10 webinstaller improvements

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The web installer hasn't changed in a long time. It's time to fix it up a bit. :)

Proposed ideas for the web installer:

  • have a web interface to generate translations at install time.
  • create an alternate administrative user that is not the DB user for initial login.
  • give option to define your first library as part of initial install
  • give option to create (or install by default) a "staff" patron category

Nice, but not essential:

  • Default "sets" - for example:
    • single library
    • multi-branch, independent (what preferences this flips tbd later)
    • multi-branch, interdependent (ditto)

Possible preferences to ask about at install time:

  • allowonshelfholds (Allow patrons to place holds on items that are currently available?)
  • opacpublic (Would you like your OPAC to be public? If no, the OPAC will require a valid login to view.)

Possible structural changes:

  • Do not allow the db user a log in to the intranet? (this has always seemed like a security risk to me)