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This RFC should be the basis for writing an endpoint for CRUD operations on order lines following the guidelines. The implementation will be handled in Bug 17390


Actions and routes

The following table presents the proposed routes and actions mappings to be implemented.

Description Action
List authorised values categories
 GET /authorised_values_categories
Add authorised values category
 POST /authorised_values_categories
Get an authorised values category
 GET /authorised_values_categories/{authorised_values_category_id}
Delete authorised values category
 DELETE /authorised_values_categories/{authorised_values_category_id}
List authorised category values
 GET /authorised_values_categories/{authorised_values_category_id}/authorised_values
Add authorised value to a category
 POST /authorised_values_categories/{authorised_values_category_id}/authorised_values
Overwrite authorised value
 PUT /authorised_values_categories/{authorised_values_category_id}/authorised_values/{authorised_value_id}
Delete authorised value
 DELETE /authorised_values_categories/{authorised_values_category_id}/authorised_values/{authorised_value_id}
Partially update authorised value
 PATCH /authorised_values_categories/{authorised_values_category_id}/authorised_values/{authorised_value_id}

Authorised value object definition

DB schema Proposed API Details
id authorised_value_id Generated on POST
category category
authorised_value value
lib description
lib_opac opac_description
imageurl image_url
NONE library_limits List of library_id for the value's library limits

Authorised value category object definition

DB schema Proposed API Details
category category

It should be able to embed its authorised_values.


-- tcohen: library limits, description translations. We need to think about it

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