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WARNING! This page is outdated.
Take a look at the bug report for recent information.

Discharge management

Status: unknown
Sponsored by: SCD Limoges (BibLibre)
Developed by: BibLibre developpers and Laurence as project manager
Expected for: already in production - need to rebase asap
Bug number: Bug 8007
Work in progress repository: git://git.biblibre.com:koha_biblibre.git branch unilim/ft/MT6841 (merged on dev/unilim)
Description: In France a "quitus" (translated here by "discharge") is needed if you want to register in a state-owned company (library or university).

This page is outdated, have a look at the bug report for recent information

It means the patron don't have any document in his possession / is in order with his previous library.

On the patron page, a new discharge button is displayed. If the patron has no more check-outs, it prints the discharge. The discharge is saved in PDF and accessible by the patron itself from OPAC.


   aptitude install python-pisa

3 new sysprefs:

  • useDischarge: Allows librarians to discharge borrowers and borrowers to request a discharge
  • dischargePath: Sets the upload path for the generated discharges
  • dischargeWebPath: Sets the upload path starting from documentroot for the generated discharges

1 new letter with a letter_code DISCHARGE.

To use it:

  • Switch on the syspref useDischarge.
  • Fill the syspref dischargePath (e.g. /home/koha/src/koha-tmpl/discharges)
  • Fill the syspref dischargeWebPath (e.g. /discharges)
  • For a security reason create a .htaccess in your dischargePath with the following content:
   Options -Indexes

and change the rights:

   sudo chown www-data:www-data /home/koha/src/koha-tmpl/discharges
  • A new tab appears in the patron page (intranet and opac)
  • The discharge cannot be generated if the patron has issues.
  • The patron can request a discharge from it's opac area.
  • The request is a mail sent via the sendmail command
  • The discharge can be generated from the intranet interface
  • It can be downloaded from the opac and the intranet.
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