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Making classification indexes searchable in staff client

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Bug number: Bug 6286
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A client would like to be able to search for Dewey numbers in the staff client.

This can be accomplished by uncommenting "Dewey-classification 1=13" in etc/zebradb/ and adding another <option> to koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/includes/ and maintaining it as a local hack.

But it seems like something more libraries might be interested in, so maybe there it's possible to find a more flexible way to do it.

Commented indexes

First question: Several indexes related to classification are commented out in

#Classification-Dewey   13  A classification number from    082
#                           the Dewey Decimal
#                           Classification, developed by
#                           Melvyl Dewey.
#Dewey-classification 1=13 

#Classification-        50  A classification number         086
#government-publication     assigned to a government
#                           document by a government
#                           agency at any level (e.g.,
#                           state, national,
#                           international).
#Number-govt-pub 1=50

#Classification-NAL     18  A classification number from    070
#                           the US National Agriculture
#                           Library Classification.
#NAL-call-number 1=18

#Classification-NLM     17  A classification number from    060
#                           the US National Library of
#                           Medicine Classification.
#NLM-call-number 1=17
#Classification-UDC     14  A classification number from    080
#                           Universal Decimal
#                           Classification, a system based
#                           on the Dewey Decimal
#                           Classification.
#UDC-classification 1=14

even though they are created by record.abs:

melm 060        NLM-call-number
melm 070        NAL-call-number
melm 080        UDC-classification
melm 082        Dewey-classification:w,Dewey-classification:s
melm 086        Number-govt-pub

Is there any advantage to having them commented out in ccl-properties?


Uncomment the indexes in and make it easy for libraries to decide which ones should appear in the dropdowns on the search page in the staff client. This could be done in two ways:

One syspref

Make one syspref that lets a library choose which one of the indexes should be activated in the staff client search. It would probably not take long for some library to come along and want to activate at least two?

Many sysprefs

Create one on/off syspref per index.


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