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The Koha Documentation Team is responsible for maintaining and improving the official documentation for the Koha community.

We welcome new participants and invite anyone interested to attend meetings, volunteer for tasks, and join the koha-docs mailing list.


About the Documentation Team


To do lists and projects

To do lists

Easy, medium and hard tasks

  • Easy tasks to get started with. Relatively easy things to fix, such as formatting, capitalisation, or typos.
  • Medium tasks to get started with. Things like enhancements where updates to existing information required, new system preferences, updating screenshots, updating lists and reference information. Some work is required to figure out what needs updating or how it works, but generally it is straight forward to update.
  • Hard tasks. Includes new sections of the manual, new features, and reviewing a section of the manual. Need to do some planning to work out what is required - including identifying tasks and reference material to develop. Or it might be a complete rewrite or edit!
    • Pick a section and review to make sure it is up-to-date, incorporate tasks from Taiga.io for that chapter.

Current manual section assignments

  • Acquisitions (Caroline)
  • Cataloguing (Lucy)
  • Installation section/guide (David)


  • Content development guide
  • Git guide for non-developers
  • Automated screenshots
  • Installation guide
  • Getting started guide
  • Reorganising manual contents
  • Wiki update and curator role

Content development guide

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