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Note: these guidelines are work in progress, and documentation managers have the right to change this to whatever they prefer. For now, this will serve as a documentation place for the tasks involved in documentation management.

The Documentation Manager role

Documentation Managers (DMs) perform the task of maintaining the master branch of the manual, which becomes the manual for the next major release of Koha every 6 months. The DM does this by merging merge requests from the documentation team that you deem to be correct and of a high enough standard.

The role of the Documentation Manager is decided by election after each major release. The documentation manager should work closely with the release manager to ensure the manual is of a high standard by the time of release.

A new beginning

The DM will begin their tenure working on the master branch and their predecessor should have branched the last stable branch as their final action.

Before handing over the management to someone else

  • Make sure the new manager has maintainer role on Gitlab
  • Create the branch for the released version

General tasks

  • Lead one documentation IRC meeting per month
    • Send a reminder to the mailing lists a couple of days before
    • Chair and lead the meeting
  • Merge merge requests on Gitlab
    • Merge into master
    • Cherry-pick into maintenance branches for previous versions as required
  • Follow release notes updates ( and update Taiga tasks accordingly