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These are informal sessions to discuss or work on anything related to Koha Documentation. This could cover the work flow for contributing to the Manual, processes, and anything you would like to know (we may not always have the answers!)

Winter 2023-2024 workshop series


  • On JitsiMeet by following this link.
  • Jitsi Meet is an open source video conferencing platform. On a desktop computer, simply click the link above to open in a browser. On a mobile device, you may prefer to open the link in the Jitsi Meet app.



  • Organisers: Aude Charillon and Philip Orr (aude_c and krimsonkharne on Koha IRC) on behalf of the Koha Documentation team.
  • Informal drop-in sessions.
  • The aims are:
    • for new Documenters to learn to edit the Manual and/or get help;
    • for experienced Documenters to have time set aside to document, ask questions and chat with others;
    • to get more people to edit the Koha Manual - so it becomes more exhaustive and more useful for everyone in the community!

Original (2022) sessions

Join at (Google Chrome or Chromium browsers supported, no installation required, access to camera and audio requested when you join). (Happy to use Zoom if people prefer).

Organiser: David Nind (contact on IRC (davidnind) or



  • If the times don't suit, let me know, and I can reorganise.
  • I will see if alternating the times between Europe and the US is useful.
  • Email me at david AT davidnind DOT com if you would like a session outside these times, we can sort out a mutually workable time!

Potential topics

Sessions will be informal - add anything you want to know about:

  • Any questions
  • Live editing (if no other topics)
  • Editing using the GitLab web interface - see [session slides and video]
  • Editing using a local Git repository and text editor (Git and editor setup)
  • Git commit messages
  • reStructuredText
  • Current structure of the manual
  • Images
  • Writing tips, style guide, content development guide

To do

Things to do following sessions:

  • Create a more structured programme for learning how to contribute to the documentation:
    • Overview of the process (base of previous presentations by Chris, Katrin and Caroline)
    • Using GitLab for single and multiple changes
    • Using a local editor and copy of the repository (using Git for version control)
    • reStructuredText tutorial
    • Content development guide topics (styles, word list, processes, content types, and so on)

Session notes

[add session notes]