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The manual can now be translated using the po files on

This page collects some hints and tips to help translators.


Translate the manual

You can translate the manual in your language on the Koha translate website

Let us know if you want to add a new language.

Add translated screenshots

To add translated screenshots you can create pull request on the koha-manual project The files have to be named like: file.LANG.png.

For instance source/images/installer/ would be the French version of source/images/installer/installer_login.png


Tips and Tricks


Some strings can contain links to other sections of the manual. When you find a string that has a label, for example ":ref:`Currencies and Exchange Rates <currencies-and-exchange-rates-label>`, the string between "<...>" must not be translated, it contains a 'label' for cross references.


 the default you set in your :ref:`Currencies and Exchange Rates` administration area

:ref:`Currencies and Exchange Rates` implies that there is a section/subsection named "Currencies and Exchange Rates" with or without a label somewhere in the manual.

If you translate both then the labelling will be consistent, if not you may have a warning on build time. So it should be translated as:

 il default che definisci nell'area dell'ammistrazione :ref:`Valute e tassi di cambio`

Image names

Don't translate the |imageXXXX| appearing in the manual, as it will break the display of screenshots in the manual.


 locales/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/01_installation.po:msgid "|image1174|"


 locales/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/01_installation.po:msgstr "|圖片1174|"

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