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If you hang out in #koha on [], please feel free to add your name and a short description here (alphabetically by nick). This will help new folks to #koha know who you are.

If a user is not in this list, but has taken part in an IRC meeting, you may be able to find them in the IRC logs.

Channel Bots

  • huginn - Karma, messages, bug status change messages, bug linker, etc. - Run by gmcharltt
  • logbot - logs the channel at - Run by Chris Cormack
  • pastebot - helps us keep our pastes tidy at - Run by Chris Cormack
  • jenkins_koha - reporter for our jenkins test suite. - run by Chris Cormack
  • wahanui - info bot, greeter - run by Liz Rea maybe, living on
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