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Systems librarian at Prosentient Systems in Sydney, Australia.

Working in the library world since 2006, and developing Koha since 2012.

Development interests

  • Creating OAI harvester/importer client
  • Using DBIC for deploying and upgrading schema
  • Switch search query building completely to using QueryParser
  • Refactor the retrieval of search results in staff client and OPAC
  • Create Z39.50 module(s) (to replace current code and possibly allow for more flexible PQF mappings)
  • Create a XSLT registry within the database where XSLTs can be uploaded by users, admins, or dynamic scripts
  • Dynamically generate XSLTs for framework visibility to filter records in OPAC, staff client, and web services
  • Zebra native facets
  • Adding facets for 338$a (and other potentially relevant RDA fields), year of publication
  • Zebra indexing in general
  • Creating more effective ways of loading and maintaing MARC bibliographic frameworks

  • Creating an "email" table and "phone" table, or "contact_info" table where the state of being "primary" is a flag in a column, rather than relying on a certain column being primary over another
  • Creating classes that more thoroughly support business logic (e.g. Koha::Borrower->primary_email(); )
  • Moving to a more service oriented architecture. Especially:
    • web service for OPAC search results
  • Switching to using Plack locally
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