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Release team for the 21.11 development cycle, available roles are documented in project roles but are not limited to those on that page. If you feel there's room for improvement somewhere in Koha release management, please submit your proposal.

Elections are going to be held at the General IRC meeting 12 May 2021

  • Release Manager
    • Jonathan Druart (continuing one last cycle - Proposal)
    • RM Assistants
      • Martin Renvoize (continuing - happy to lend support to whomever takes up the RM mantal)
      • Tomas Cohen Arazi (continuing)

  • Quality Assurance Team
    • Marcel de Rooy (continuing)
    • Martin Renvoize (continuing)
    • Kyle Hall (continuing)
    • Nick Clemens (continuing)
    • Victor Grousset (a.k.a tuxayo) (continuing)
    • David Cook (continuing)
    • Andrew Nugged (candidating: got proposal from Jonathan Druart)
    • Petro V (candidating)
    • Julian Maurice (continuing)
    • Joonas Kylmälä (continuing)
    • Tomás Cohen Arazi (continuing)
    • Agustin Moyano (continuing)
  • Topic Experts - A second sign-off from a QA expert will count towards QA with additional code review from core team where needed (CAS, Shibboleth, LDAP, SIP2, Linked Data/RDF, Zebra, ...)

+ I am happy for Caroline or someone else to do, I will be able to dedicate quite a bit more time to actual contributing to the documentation from July, and try and actually implement some of my often talked about ideas to move to a more modular/topic/task-based approach

  • IRC meeting facilitator
    • Martin Renvoize - I'm happy to take this in the hopes it kicks it into a more active role next cycle once people understand what is involved more. It would be great to have some backup from another timezone though, family commitments means that some of the later meetings can be challenging to attend. I would focus heavily on trying to improve the actionability of the roadmap by trying to move items on between meetings, sending reminders to those who have committed to them (and possibly their managers if they think that would be helpful)
  • Continuous integration infrastructure maintainer
    • Mason James (happy to help)
  • Wiki Curator 📜
    • Thomas Dukleth (Finishing database migration and update for archive or segmented current and archive use prior to curation efforts.)
  • Wiki manager
    • Thomas Dukleth (Will help with wiki administration, upgrading, etc. Some party with better resources should continue hosting the wiki.)
  • Social media managers
    • Twitter: David Nind
    • Facebook:
    • Linkedin:
    • Vimeo:
    • Zotero: David Nind
    • YouTube: David Nind
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