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Section to add to the "Release maintenance" page

Handover between two cycles

The old and new release maintainer of a given branch should contact each other to share this information:

  • The position of the current "RMaint cursor" i.e. the last bug considered for backporting.
  • The eventual list of bugs that due to the last string freeze have not been yet backported.
  • Any other significant relevant info like gotchas of the branch (in conflicts, in random automated tests failures, etc).

Reasons for this addition

The time frame between the last point release of a stable branch (22th) and the release of major version is unclear (in case of delay of the major release). It's unclear who should backport during that time. Various assumptions can make sense. But if not everyone make the same, then patchsets are skipped.

And patches can couldn't be backported in the last string freeze of a cycle case also be skipped.

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