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Current work-plan

  • Release maintenance of oldoldstable branch.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Signoffs (testing submitted patches).
  • Misc tasks as they come. See the past work reports to have an idea.

Abstract guidelines

(1) the most valuable work is to help getting finished patches to make it to master

  • that's work already done that is costing over time: rebases, reacquiring consensus, forgetting the context or why a decision was made

(2) very valuable is working on important tasks that are starving or under stress, ie. that lack workforce

  • e.g. Quality Assurance, Release Maintenance, Signoffs, GUI tests, community infrastructure, refactoring, some documentation

(3) very valuable is helping other people to get involved or be more efficient


Tasks complying with the guidelines

  • signoffs (1)
    • Try to sign off any bug whose severity is "blocker" or "critical"
      • Try to sign off all bugs whose severity is "major" and older than 1 month
    • Try to sign off all bugs related to refactoring and automated tests
    • pair with a librarian for signoffs too complicated from a business POV
      • bonus, it's a way to help them getting more involved (3)
  • write automated tests
    • mainly GUI ones, I have experience with that (2)
    • tests for patches that are blocked due to lack of tests (1)(2)
  • maintaining/hosting one or several components of the community infrastructure (2)
    • koha-testing-docker & DevBox
    • Continuous integration infrastructure
    • our various web apps (e.g. splitter)
  • Rmaint(2)
  • guide librarians to install a DevBox to do signoffs (3)
  • provide technical tips, workflows to help newcomers or experienced dev discover new stuff (3)
    • the format would be documentation and videos
    • patch work
  • reach out support companies and big independent Koha instances
    • offer help upstream useful patches
  • a support company could assign an intern to work with me
    • the idea is to try to have more resources for tasks that nobody have enough priority to work on
    • if the intern wants to do my kind of work
    • if the company doesn't have something specific with a higher priority
    • if the company doesn't have someone available enough to guide the intern
  • QA (1)
    • need to list what is needed for that
  • Document unofficial coding guidelines (2)
  • managing the IRC channel duck population in collaboration with AnnaBoten

misc more focused task list

  • complete data checks with BibLibre's data checks
  • help making Koha work in newer Linux distro versions or new distros like CentOS
  • find how to have something like Composer for Perl to have an as easy way to deploy Koha on any distribution
  • upstream patches, e.g.
    • Koha Suomi (Finland)
    • Koha Turkey
    • Specific BibLibre patches
      • UNIMARC XSLT from steph_y (bug 23702)
  • help submit experimental work
    • tool of Steph_y for better audit circ rules (if still relevant after circ rule revamp)
  • add stuff to Hea
    • languages
    • currencyformat