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Adding a new language

If you want to start translating Koha into a completely new language, just send a message about it to the koha-translate mailing list, and the current translation manager will make sure your language is added to Pootle

Translation Tools


It is possible to do the translation directly in Pootle. Find your language, choose the file you want to work on and translate away.

Alternative software

Some people find Pootle too slow to use for doing the translations, and prefer to download the .po files from Pootle to their local machines and use some kind of program to work on them. Just remember to upload the files to Pootle after your have translated them!

Tips and Tricks

%s - In strings to be translated, there is very often a %s term. This is placeholder. Koha program uses it to place a variable text. Be very cautious to keep it in your translated string. Don't omit 's' in '%s': this could break the translation process.

System preferences

System preference strings have to be translated specifically. You need to omit in translated string the comment portion of the original string. The comment is here to help you localizing each preference in its context.

Let say you want to translated into Spanish this system preference:

 acquisitions.pref#AcqCreateItem# Create an item when

The correct translation is:

 Crear un ítem cuando


 acquisitions.pref#AcqCreateItem# Crear un ítem cuando

Testing your translation

  • First make sure you didn't made any mistakes, check if your po file is valid:
 msgfmt -c <your_po_file>

(msgfmt comes with the [gettext] package)

  • Move your .po files into the misc/translate/po directory
  • Move into the misc/translate directory and execute this command, where xy-XY is the code for your language:
 translate install xy-XY
  • Check the results in a browser.

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