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Daily maintenance workflow

Update Bugzilla (proposed change)

This is very important: let people know you pushed the patches to your stable branch. Add a comment on the relevant bugs like this 'This patch has been pushed to 3.20.x, will be in 3.20.1.' and change the status to Pushed to Stable/oldstable/oldoldstable if you have applied it to your branch.

  • We also need a bugzilla field to mark a bug as 'not being backported' to show that a bug has indeed been ssen by the next rmaint in the chain and prevent rmaints from missing bugs during the short release window each month.


Update bugzilla (proposed change)

Bugs included in this release should now be marked as RESOLVED FIXED as part of the release procedures.

The simplest way to achieve this is to use the koha-release script after release:

 $ ~/<path_to>/release-tools/bin/koha-release v17.05.00..HEAD updatebz
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