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Parent Record (Set) Child Record (Volume)
LDR    ///////////////////a////
001    u14841
003    0st
008    //////c//////////////m/////////////
020    _a ISBN
022    _a ISSN
100    _a Author
245    _a Title
250    _a Edition
260    _a Place
       _b Publisher
       _c Year
952    _9 itemnumber 1
       _p Item Barcode 1
952    _9 itemnumber 2
       _p Item Barcode 2
999    _c biblionumber
LDR    ///////m////////////////
001    a6745
003    0st
490 1# _a Uniform crime reports
830 0# _0 biblionumber
       _9 itemnumber 1
       _a Author
       _b Edition
       _d Place, Publisher, Year
       _o Item Barcode 1
       _t Title
       _w (0st)u14841
       _x ISSN
       _z ISBN

MARC21 Rules

You catalogue sets (Bound Serials, Multi-volume Works, Encyclopaedias) and also some volumes belonging to them. You wish for borrowers to be able to navigate from the set record down to the volume records within, and back again.

To achieve this, the following MARC21 rules have been outlined by the LOC.

For Parents Record (Set)

You must define the record type in either the Leader or the 008 field as follows:

Note: If you wish to combine the use of Multipart Volumes with Analytical records you must use the Leader method, not the 008 method.

LDR - Leader

For a 'Serial Set', the Multipart resource record level bit (position 19) should be set as follows for Parent to Child links to display;

  • a = 'Set'

001 - Control Number

When combined with Control Number Identifier must be unique.

003 - Control Number Identifier

Used to identify the institution the record was catalogued in. In a union catalogue, this is used in combination with Control Number to make a unique identifier for the record.

008 - Fixed-Length Data Elements

For a 'Set of Monographs', the Type of date/Publication status bit (position 6) must be set for a continuing resource;

  • c - Continuing resource currently published
  • d - Continuing resource ceased publication

Additionally, the Type of continuing resource bit (position 21) must also be set for the type of continuing resource;

  • m - Monographic series

For Child Records (Volumes)

You must define the record type in the Leader, you must define a 490 and you must define one of the 8xx fields as described below for linked to work:

LDR - Leader

Volume - Child record - position 7 = m (probably. Must NOT be a or b)

Volume - Child record - position 19 = c (probably, Must NOT be a, but can be b in certain circumstances)

490 - Series Statement

The first indicator must be set to 1, specifying to koha that the 8xx should be acknowledged.

800 - Series Added Entry (Personal Name)

Sometimes used, this field collects volumes under a single personal name. (example: Collected works of Shakespeare)

810 - Series Added Entry (Corporate Name)

Not often used, this field collects volumes under a single corporate name. (example: Everything published by ABC Publishing)

811 - Series Added Entry (Meeting Name)

Not often used, this field collects sets under a meeting name. (example: All documents relating to MOD Meeting 417)

830 - Series Added Entry (Uniform Title)

Probably the most popularly used 8xx linking field, this field collects sets under a uniform title. (example: All Volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica)

Koha Practical Requirements

Parent Record Child Record
LDR    ///////////////////a////
001    u14841
003    0st
774 0# _0
       _w (0st)a6745
LDR    ///////m////////////////
001    a6745
003    0st
773 0# _0 10736
       _9 11345
       _w (0st)u14841
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