Roles for 3.20

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Anyone who wants take on any of these roles is more than welcome to put their name next to one and perhaps link to their proposal.

Elections: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014

  • Release Maintainers
    • (3.18.x) Chris Cormack
    • (3.16.x) Mason James
    • (3.14.x) Fridolin Somers (continuing)
    • ...
  • Module maintainers What does a module maintainer do
    • Martin Renvoize (Proposal) - Authentication
    • Colin Campbell - Sip
    • Kyle M Hall - Holds
    • Galen Charlton - Patron Privacy. I should explain this: this is not necessarily a traditional module maintainer role, though I'm sticking it under this heading for now. The responsibility of this position would be to develop and advocate for bugfixes, features, and recommendations for Koha system configuration that continually improve the ability of libraries to protect patron information and to allow patrons to control use of their information.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Team
    • Marcel de Rooy (continuing)
    • Jonathan Druart (continuing)
    • Paul Poulain (continuing)
    • Brendan Gallagher (continuing - some months stronger than others ;) )
    • Martin Renvoize (continuing)
    • Kyle M Hall (continuing)
  • Bug Wranglers (the more the merrier!) What does a Bug Wrangler do
    • Magnus Enger - 2014 was a crazy year for me, 2015 looks to be better, so I would love to put more effort into wrangling bugs! Specifically: Signoffs, help keep Bugzilla tidy, organize bug squashing days (or something similar), help make kohadevbox a good tool for working on Koha, try to help attract more people to contribute to the QA process.
  • Wiki Curators
    • Thomas Dukleth (progressively returning). See proposal.
    • BWS Johnson (continuing)
    • Arslan Farooq
    • Martin Renvoize (might be understood to be volunteering) - thd