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Anyone who wants take on any of these roles is more than welcome to put their name next to one and perhaps link to their proposal.

Elections: Development IRC meeting, 23 April 2014

  • Release Maintainers
    • (3.16.x) Galen Charlton
    • (3.14.x) Fridolin Somers, continuing
    • (3.12.x) Kyle M Hall
    • ...
  • Module maintainers What does a module maintainer do
    • Chris Cormack - OPAC
    • Would it make sense to have "module maintainers" for the different languages under installer/data/mysql/? Or maybe find another title? If so, I volunteer for nb-NO. --Magnus 05:06, 18 March 2014 (EDT)
      • Locale/language maintainers sounds like a fine idea --Galen Charlton 17:56, 8 April 2014 (EDT)
    • Fridolin Somers - patrons
    • Brendan Gallagher - SIP/LDAP (but if being a QAA and a module maintainer is a conflict of interest then perhaps being QAA is more important for now)
    • Jonathan Druart - Tools and/or Acquisition
    • Marcel de Rooy - Lists
    • Galen Charlton - cataloging and search
    • Kyle M Hall - Holds and Course Reserves, Accounts
    • Chris Nighswonger - Label Printing (and friends)
  • Database Documentation Manager
    • Zeno Tajoli
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