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This project is currently being developped. See Koha cookbook for details

These are some loose ideas and a "request for comments". Please feel free to edit the page with your ideas or add them to the page of discussions.


The idea

The idea came from Rachel Hamilton-Williams on Twitter: "Should we do a koha cook book :-)"


  • Freely downloadable as PDF, epub and HTML
  • Physical Print-on-demand paper book (at cost price, no profits)

For the paper book we need a print-on-demand printer that makes it possible to publish books that can be bought by anyone. Bonus if the book can be available in different qualities (size, softcover/paperback, paper qiality).



The Koha community could be asked, through the email lists, social media etc, to contribute recipes.

Contributors can use kohacookbook@protonmail.com to send recipes to the editors.

Contributions could be in a specified format, for example:

  • Name of the dish
  • Short description of the dish
  • The recipe
    • List of ingredients and quantities
    • Description of how to make the dish (running text or bulletpoints)
  • Name of the contributor
  • Country of the contributor
  • Short description of the contributor and their connection to Koha
  • Picture of the dish (In portrait mode, to fill one page in the book. This could be a composite image showing stages of preparation, but it should only be one image, to make it easy for the editors.)


Left page:

  • Name of dish
  • Short description
  • List of ingredients
  • How to make the dish
  • Name, description and picture of contributor

Right page:

  • Picture of dish


We could save all the "data" (names, descriptions, images) in some moderately structured way (e.g. one YAML file per contribution) to make it easy to remix it to new formats.


The finnished product should be available under an open license, and contributrors must agree to having their words and images published under this license.

CC0 or something else?

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