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This is a project that started with Koha cookbook RFC.

A team was put together in late 2020 to make the Koha cookbook a reality!


Submitting your recipe


Note that the Koha cookbook is a public domain (CC0) project. Therefore, recipes must be original or very modified. Do not submit a recipe that is not your own, taken from a website, a book or a magazine.

Ingredients must be given in metric measurements

  • grams (g) for dry ingredients
  • milliliters (ml) for wet ingredients
  • celcius (°C) for temperatures

All types of recipes (drink, cocktail, beer, bread, mains, desserts, snacks, breakfast, etc.) are welcome!

Write your recipe

Use the recipe template available at https://gitlab.com/koha-community/koha-cookbook/-/blob/master/recipetemplate.rst to write your recipe.

Submit your recipe

You can use gitlab to submit your recipe.

  1. GitLab account: First of all, you have to create an account on GitLab. You can also sign in with an existing Google, Twitter, GitHub or BitBucket account.
    • The first time you connect to Gitlab, go to https://gitlab.com/koha-community/koha-cookbook and click "Fork". This will make a copy of the manual in your account. You will always work in your own copy and then make "merge requests". The Cookbook team will then check your work to make sure there are no errors and then merge your work into the real cookbook. This helps avoid errors.
  2. Download the template: in the project files, there should be a file called recipetemplate.rst, click on the file name, then click on Download and save on your computer
    Download recipe template.png
  3. Edit the file: Open the file in your favorite text editor and write in your recipe; make sure to save under another name
  4. Upload the file on gitlab:
    • In your project, navigate to the "source" directory
    Cookbook source.png
    • Click on the + button and choose "Upload file"
    Cookbook upload button.png
    • Choose the file, enter a commit message (something like "added [name of recipe]") and click "upload file"
    Cookbook upload file.png
  5. Create a merge request:
    • In the left side menu, click on "Merge requests"
    Cookbook mergerequest menu.png
    • Click "New merge request"
    • On the left, you should see yourname/koha-cookbook; click "Select source branch" and choose master
    Cookbook create mergerequest.png
    • On the right, you should see koha-community/koha-cookbook and the master branch is already selected
    • Click on "Compare branches and continue"
    • If needed, edit your commit message, and add a description (optional)
    • Click "Submit merge request"

If you are not comfortable with this process, you can submit your recipe by email.

  1. Download the template: go to https://gitlab.com/koha-community/koha-cookbook/-/blob/master/recipetemplate.rst , click Download and save the file on your computer
    Download recipe template.png
  2. Edit the file: Open the file in your favorite text editor and write in your recipe; make sure to save under another name
  3. Send your file to koha_cookbook [at] protonmail.com

Project management



  • Caroline Cyr La Rose


  • Katrin Fischer
  • Owen Leonard
  • Martin Renvoize
  • Magnus Enger
  • Jonathan Druart


First meeting: https://meetings.koha-community.org/2021/cookbook_working_group.2021-01-15-14.33.log.html

Next meeting: Cookbook meeting 12 march 2021


The process we decided on was to use the same as the manual. Gitlab is used for updates as well as for hosting the rendered version.



Submissions are to be sent it by gitlab, or by email (koha_cookbook [at] protonmail.com) if collaborators are not comfortable with gitlab.

A template is available in the git: https://gitlab.com/koha-community/koha-cookbook/-/blob/master/recipetemplate.rst

Example of a recipe: https://gitlab.com/koha-community/koha-cookbook/-/blob/master/source/poudingchomeur.rst

We will accept all submissions for now, and if we have too many, we'll limit to 1 per person.

Measurements must be in metric (g, ml, celsius)


It was decided the copyright would be CC0 (public domain).

Therefore, collaborators must be aware that their recipe and the picture of their dish (and everything else in their submission) is going to be in the public domain. (This is why we decided not to include pictures of collaborators.)

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