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With the release of 3.2.0 looming it is time to think of who is going to take over the roles for Koha 3.4

Anyone who wants take on any of these roles is more than welcome to put their name next to one and perhaps link to their proposal.

  • Release Manager - Chris Cormack (have the OK from my employers, Proposal)
  • Translation Manager
    • Brendan Gallagher (agrees with paul - a non-english speaking person is preferred - will leave this here if no one else decides that they want to do this position) (note from paul: I suggest a non-english speaking person)
    • Frédéric Demians (Proposal)
  • Documentation Manager - Nicole Engard
  • Documentation of DB - Zeno Tajoli. (Proposal)
  • Bug Wrangler - ? [Definition required? Has this position existed in the past?] Nope, it's one I (fdemians) made up in an attempt to make QA manager more doable. Basically this is someone to keep an eye on bugzilla, make sure bugs are being looked at, closed when they are fixed, tested etc. It is a role a non developer could fulfill. Addition (nicomo): reaching out to librarians, developers and the community to have feedback on feature requests, to do some PR about the work done, etc. Id est: not an entirely technically oriented position...
    • Jesse Weaver (will be sending proposal shortly)
    • CALYX information essentials (proposal available soon)
    • BibLibre (Henri-Damien LAURENT Proposal)
  • QA Manager - Colin Campbell ( have the OK from PTFS Europe, Proposal)
  • Module maintainers
    • Cataloging, search - Galen Charlton (proposal coming)
  • Release Maintainer (3.2) - Chris Nighswonger (Proposal)
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