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My goals :

  1. Maintain translation current workflow
  2. Extend Koha translatability
  3. Offer a better multilingual support

(1) Maintain – Translation workflow has been greatly improved by Chris for Koha 3.0/3.2. Pootle integration allow translators to translated text in a web browser. I will maintain a Pootle server and pursue seemleesly current translation workflow.

(2) Extend – Some portions of Koha code are not translatable or are 'unilingual'. For example system preference description which depend of installation language or MARC framework labels. I will establish with the community a complete inventory of those area of improvement and propose technical solutions.

(3) Multilinguism – In multilingual Koha installation, and even in a non-roman language catalog, some tweaking are required to get proper data searching, sorting and displaying. I will ask feedback on this subject from 'non-west' users, Arabic and Indian users. I will gather this information and implement generic solutions into Koha.

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