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IRC is like an open chat room where you can drop in to see what's going on, ask questions, or participate in regular community meetings.


To access the #koha IRC channel using an IRC client, use this address:

You can find a web interface here:


You'll want to do a few things:

  1. Choose a nickname. Here is a list of users and their nicknames: (Don't let the term 'regular' scare you, anyone who is going to drop in to the channel should add their names here so you can find nearby users or just let us know who you are)
  2. Drop in at different times. The project is truly international, you will quickly find that there are 'busy' times for various parts of the world. If you want to talk to someone in New Zealand or America you will find they are around at vastly different hours :-)
  3. Don't be discouraged. Every volunteer on the project, even those who work for support companies have work outside of IRC and may not be able to answer. If you don't get an answer in chat the mailing lists are a good backup.
  4. Come back often. The more you are in channel the more questions you will be able to answer and the more people you will get to know

Useful commands

Join command

This action is used to join a channel. Depending on your IRC client, you may or may not need to use this action to join the #koha channel.

/join #koha

Quit command

This action is used to quit a channel.


Optional: you can add a goodbye message to the quit command

/quit Night y'all!

Private message command

This command is used to start a new private conversation with another user. Depending on your IRC client, you may not need to use this action to start a private conversation (some IRC clients allow you to double click on the person's name or right-click and choose "Send message").

/msg johnd

Action command

The action command is used to convey actions you would do in real life

/me action

For example

/me waves 

will appear as

*jimbo waves 

Karma commands

Karma is used to show appreciation and support to someone in the community.


You can also check your karma or someone else's with the @karma command. The bot huginn will answer with how many times your karma was increased (or decreased).

@karma trevor

Later command

The later command is used to send messages to users who aren't on IRC right now. The next time this person connects to the channel, the bot huginn will send them a message.

@later tell nickname message

For example

@later tell lesliemoore can you check bug 18569 for me?

Seen command

The seen command is used to know when a person was last active on the channel. The bot huginn will answer you with the time and the last thing this person wrote on the channel

@seen nickname

For example

@seen AmyQ

Useful links

IRC clients

Example clients (please add any you recommend):