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WARNING! This page is outdated, an ILL module has been implemented.
Take a look at ILL backends for current information.

Inter Library Loan RFC

Status: unknown
Sponsored by: no-one
Developed by: Sarah Clatterbuck and anyone who would like to join
Expected for: 2012-6-10
Bug number: Bug 7317
Work in progress repository: No URL given.
Description: This is to add an ILL feature to the OPAC and Circulation module. Initial thought is an iterative feature as such:
  1. Request form in OPAC that routes to librarian(s) via email.
  2. Request form in OPAC that creates a temporary bib record that can be tracked by receiving library
  3. Holistic system of borrowing, lending and requesting (see if FullfILLment project meets this requirement)

I'd love assistance designing this feature if anyone has thoughts. May wait on final design until we can get our hands on the FulfILLment connector and see how many requirements it eliminates - target March 2012.

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