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A generic ILL module is being added to Koha on Bug 7317. This will provide a generic framework for implementing different ILL workflows and protocols in Koha. These implementations will take the form of different "backends". It is not yet clear if these backends will become part of Koha, or live outside Koha as more freestanding plugins.

Here is a list of backends that have been developed so far:

Demo backends

  • Dummy - a demo with some sample data baked in, does not talk to any outside sources

"Real" backends

  • BLDSS - British Library ILL
  • FreeForm - "The FreeForm backend is a simple backend that is supposed to act as a fallback. It provides the end user with some mandatory fields in a form as well as the option to enter additional fields with arbitrary names & values."
  • Libris - Swedish ILL, in very early stages of development
  • NNCIPP - Norwegian ILL, based on NCIP
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