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General IRC Meeting 2 September 2009

The next general IRC Meeting will be held on #koha on 2 September 2009 at 19:00 UTC+0 web time converter another time converter)



  1. Update on Roadmap to 3.2
  2. Update on Roadmap to 3.0
  3. Follow-up on actions from General IRC Meeting, 5 August 2009
  4. finding new default assignee's and tidying up orphaned bugs
  5. To mantain documentation about DB Schema (tables, indexes, relations).


  • Brendan Gallagher, %%ByWater%% Solutions (brendan)
  • Chris Cormack, Translation manager (chris)
  • Chris Nighswonger, FBC (chris_n)
  • Colin Campbell, PTFS-Europe (Colin)
  • David Schuster, Plano ISD (schuster)
  • Galen Charlton, 3.2 release manager (gmcharlt)
  • Garry Collum, Kenton County Library (collum)
  • Greg Lawson, Rolling Hills Consolidated Library (rhcl)
  • Henri-Damien LAURENT, 3.0 release maintainer (hdl_laptop)
  • Ian Walls, NYU Health Sciences Libraries (sekjal)
  • J. David Bavousett, PTFS (jdavidb)
  • Jesse Weaver, programmer (pianohacker)
  • Joe Atzberger, Equinox (atz)
  • John Rose, PTFS (jmr)
  • Katrin Fischer, BSZ Konstanz (cait)
  • Krishnan Mani, India (kr1shnan)
  • Liz Rea, NEKLS (wizzyrea)
  • MJ Ray, webmaster for TTLLP (slef)
  • Magnus Enger, Libriotec, Norway (magnusenger)
  • Owen Leonard, Nelsonville Public Library, Interface designer for 3.x (owen)
  • Ricardo Dias Marques (ricardo)
  • Ruth Vargas, Howard County Library (ruth)
  • S├ębastien Hinderer ( Lupin )
  • Thomas Dukleth, Agogme (thd)
  • Vicki Teal Lovely, South Central Library System, Madison, WI (vickiteal)
  • Zeno Tajoli, CILEA, Italy (tajoli)

Apologies from: Davi Leals, Paul Poulain, Nicolas Morin


(Note: "CC:" below refers to Chris Cormack)

  • GC: Feature freeze is September 6th (which is also tenth anniversary of Koha work)
    • Feature freeze: all new features must be in, but can be submitted by sending patches, pull requests, or links to Git repositories
    • Some leeway on freeze
    • Roadmap to 3.2 will be updated after freeze with list of submitted items
    • Please contact GC if anything is missing
    • Rough alpha couple weeks after freeze
    • Bugfixes still welcome after freeze
    • New features after freeze will be put on 3.4 unstable branches
  • GC: Significant changes:
    • New biblibre-integration branch
    • new_acq branch (new acquisitions module from %%BibLibre%%)
    • new sysprefs editor from Jesse Weaver
  • GC: Hoped for: RFID device driver from MJ Ray
  • GC: Possible %%BibLibre%% hackfest in France, proposal for general Koha bugsquashing session on weekend of 19-20 September (Chris Cormack: possibly help from Catalyst employees)
  • GC: More details at next meeting, also planning for 3.4/4.0

3.2 Questions/Comments

  • DS: All features should be on roadmap by Sep 7? CC: yes, ask if not
  • HDL: Merge order? GC: biblibre-integration, labels_recon, new_acq, new_sysprefs
  • HDL: Solution to merge conflicts? GC: Will merge myself if possible, otherwise send back to submitter
  • CC: Help GC with testing latest merges
  • HDL: Working on making biblio merge tool more user friendly


  • HDL: Working on reconciliation branch (merging in select new features and bugfixes)
  • HDL: Test server for reconciliation (please help test):
  • GC, CC: Preferred help with testing 3.2 rather than 3.0
  • 3.0.4 will fix Amazon Content
  • HDL: Any bugfixes for 3.2 will be applied to 3.0 as well, but helps if patch than can be applied on 3.0 is sent

Action items

  • GC: Koha Tutorials has been started, webcasts and online tutorials should be scheduled (after 3.2 release)
    • DS: request for tutorials on installing and upgrading to 3.2
    • GC: so far, interest is in tutorials on development
    • specifically, tutorials on Git for new Koha hackers
    • RDM: is a possible source of help.
    • CC: Existing tutorials:
      • How to request a pull
      • How to add a system preference
    • MJR: tutorial on naming conventions and development procedures
  • MJR: wiki relicensing still open, will discuss at next meeting


  • CC: %%LibLime%% seems to have withdrawn from community; no patches or IRC participation in last month (but see below)
    • Is still technically managing Bugzilla
  • CC: Need new default assignees
    • Current list: Default assignees for components in the Koha bugs database
    • Can become assignee by volunteering on koha-devel mailing list
    • JDB: willing to be default for Installation/Command-Line Utils/System Administration
    • If unwilling to accept entire category, accept bugs one at a time
    • ZT (as [CILEA]): volunteering for %%MySQL%%/About
    • GC: willing to offload some of own categories
  • CC: Need to take care of orphaned bugs
    • Any help appreciated
  • Unsure if Nicole will be able to continue role as Documentation Manager

MySQL Schema Documentation

  • ZT: Documentation on %%MySQL%% tables, index and relations is updated to database of 3.0.3 release
  • ZT: Based on automatic output of [SchemaSpy], and edited
  • JA: Sometimes relationships are not entered as foreign-key constraints, so dependencies can be deleted (for historical data)
  • Some relationships are simply missing
  • Should include manual notes on relationships in main DB schema
  • ZT: Process for adding column notes to existing Koha installation available
  • Need to figure out where/if to have in-DB comments (due to cross-DB compatibility problems) on koha-devel mailing list


  •  %%LibLime%% involvement with Koha community?
    • RDM, CC: Would like to have public statement from %%LibLime%%, have not had one yet
    • DS: Possibly simply scrambling due to lost staff
    • Also many migrations due
    • Summary: Cannot be certain of anything yet
    • MJR: Would help if there were a Koha foundation
  • Hope for Koha/Evergreen collaboration on common modules
  • RDM: Finishing of translation of Koha to Portuguese has been accepted as a [SAPO.PT Summerbits] project
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