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Integrating Other Software With Koha

Discovery Software


VuFind is discovery software written by Vilanova University. It interacts with the ILS through a driver, which has its own configuration file. The Master branch contains Koha.php, which uses raw access to Koha's database table. The driver is bare bones, and there's a lot of data that shows as 'Unknown'. PTFS-Europe has also created a fork that uses ILSDI in the 'KohaRest' driver. See VuFind KohaRest

External notifications


Misspelled itva. From illion Digital Tech Solutions (formerly Talking Tech)

See syspref TalkingTechItivaPhoneNotification for very basic info


To test the Koha part, in this case, the notification of a waiting hold.

  • enable syspref TalkingTechItivaPhoneNotification
  • Tools > Notices & slips => edit the one with code HOLD
  • fill the "Phone ( Itiva )" notice
  • enable phone notifications for a patron
  • place a hold and check-in an item
  • run ./misc/cronjobs/thirdparty/TalkingTech_itiva_outbound.pl --output=/tmp/itiva.csv --type=RESERVE
  • the .csv should contain the data to be sent to i-tiva
  • these instruction don't go further than that, feel free to complete

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