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A documentation workshop is planned for KohaCon20, Wellington, October 2020. (See the programme (Day 5 Workshops).)

This is a draft agenda.

Please add any ideas you have for the workshop.


Date and time: The workshop is scheduled for Friday 23 October 2020 from 11:00am-12:25 (NZDT)

Facilitator: David Nind

Attendees (add you name if you are planning to attend):

  • David Nind (I guess I have to be there!)


Goals for the workshop are:

  • Learn how to make edits to the manual the easy way (using the GitLab web interface)
  • All attendees get at least one item merged, or ready to merge

Agenda for the workshop

Possible areas include - will be decided depending on attendees:

  1. The easy way to edit: A hands-on step-by-step walk through of the process using just a browser.
  2. Working out what to work on: Identifying and selecting documentation tasks.
  3. It’s not just writing: Other ways to contribute to the documentation, such as adding a description in Bugzilla for the release notes.

Other ideas:

  • Working with a local repository: Setting up a local content development environment using Git.
  • Brainstorming session: feedback and suggestions for improvements.
  • Sharing expertise: work with others to review and improve sections of the manual that you have expertise in.
  • ..

If you have got anything you would like covered please add!

Live streaming/recording

I'm going to record (I'm new to recording, so it may not work out!).

I'm also going to test live streaming (it will depend on the how good the WiFi is - it may be a bust!):

Getting started

Introductory session on getting started with contributing to the manual using GitLab:

  • Creating a GitLab account (if you don't have one)
  • The documentation workflow
  • Basic introduction to reStructuredText
  • Identifying a task to work on: from or the beginner task list
  • Editing the manual and submitting your changes
  • Working with images

Other ways to contribute to the documentation

  • Release notes

Documentation tasks

Documentation tasks are recorded in several places:

These are some suggested tasks for working on (to be updated).

Sharing expertise

Add you name and subject area, and work with others on improving a section of manual. Topics not covered by the manual are also potential areas to work on.

  • Subject area - Names
  • ...

Brainstorming session

A brainstorming session to provide feedback on the current manual and ideas for improvements, including current pain points:

  • ...
  • ...

Contributing remotely

Not at KohaCon, but want to contribute in some way?




A record of the things achieved during the workshop:

  • New contributors to the manual:
    • ..
  • Tasks completed:
    • ..
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