Development IRC meeting 17 June 2020

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Koha > Community > Participation > IRC Meetings



The #koha IRC channel (IRC server

If you don't have an IRC client you can join the meeting using your web browser.



  • Introductions (please use "#info" in front of your introduction to have it show up in the automatic minutes)
  • Announcements
  • Update from the Release manager (20.05)
  • Updates from the Release Maintainers
  • Updates from the QA team
  • General development discussion (trends, ideas, ...)
    • We should add a generic example template for new pages in the OPAC (and perhaps staff client) that follows all the best current best practices to aid develops adding new pages.
    • Routes for authorised values (RFC)
  • Review of coding guidelines
    • We should require all OPAC pages always contain a single 'maincontent' class to denote the main content of the page Bug 22807
    • We should add a coding guideline for language involving allow/deny lists Bug 25708 and using inclusive language
      • TERM3: Inclusive language - Avoid using non-inclusive terms in code and language ( e.g. Allowlist/Denylist, not Whitelist/Blacklist )
  • Set time of next meeting


Please list your name here if you would like to attend but cannot make this meeting


Next meeting


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