2015-09-03 Global bug squashing day

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About GBSD

Global Bug Squashing Days are days when the community dedicates their efforts to working on the Koha community open bugs.


The 24 hours of Thursday September 3rd 2015, in whatever time zone you are in. (And if that is inconvenient you might choose some other time zone than your own...)

  • Starting time - Thursday September 3rd 2015 starts in Kiritimati, Christmas Island, Kiribati
  • Ending time - Thursday September 3rd 2015 ends in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

How can I help?

Really anything that helps improving Koha! :) I_want_to_help

Some ideas

  • Browse the bugs
    • Check old open bugs to see if they are still relevant to newer versions
    • Weed out duplicate bugs if you see two that are the same
    • Add more information to make squashing bugs easier
      • Maybe you have seen the bug and know how to reproduce?
      • Maybe you have a good workaround to help in the meantime?
  • Comment on bugs:
    • Librarians especially, we need you to help us with bugs that are 'In Discussion' and share your thoughts and workflows.
    • Give feedback on new features and help us figure out how things should work before they become part of Koha
  • Test patches, comment on them or even sign them off (more info in resources below)
  • Fix, update, or just pretty up the wiki?
  • Any questions? Talk to us on IRC!
  • You can also follow GBSD on Twitter!

Some helpful resources

Friendly Guides

The following folks have volunteered to help guide testers through all aspects of the sign-off process -- setting up sandboxes or kohadevbox, configuration of git-bz, doing sign-offs with git. and answering general sign-off questions. If you're looking for a guide, simply ask in the #koha irc channel, or use /msg <<irc nick>> (e.g. /msg oleonard ) for a private chat.

  • cait
  • oleonard
  • tcohen
  • ashimema

(it should be noted that everybody in the community is friendly and helpful; feel free to ask in #koha if you have questions, *someone* will be happy to help, even if those above aren't available).


  • Dashboard - the goal is to get your name as high up in the "Monthly Scoreboard" as possible :-)
  • bug_status.pl shows the number of bugs that need to be signed off, and the colour will change as the numbers gets lower (60+ = red, 50-60 = yellow, 29-0 = green)
  • progress.pl shows the changes of status per date (updated in real time, timezone: UTC) Want to play with the data? Here they are, in JSON format.
  • Bugzilla Bar Chart shows how many bugs are in the various states of the QA process

Specials for this GBSD

What are you interested in learning on GBSD?
What are you interested in teaching or presenting during GBSD?

  • Educate us how to Sign of a Patch. I believe through this we can improve closing the bugs more often. If possible record the session and upload it somewhere or in youtube so that anyone can be guided with the procedures.

TUTORIAL / Learn how to test and sign-off

For anyone who needs help or guidance on how to help with signing-off patches, Kyle will be available from 7:00 am to 11:00 am to answer questions and help however he can.

Time converter: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Kyle+Tutorial&iso=20150903T07&p1=814&ah=4

He'll be using Zoom.us which will allow for screensharing. To join just point your browser to https://zoom.us/j/232447536

Rancor - professional cataloging editor (Demo available!)

Rancor is a new cataloging module for Koha, intended to allow faster cataloging for expert catalogers.

As the test plan is very long, please test as much as you can and comment with the parts that you were able to get to.

Bug 12478 - Elasticsearch support for Koha (Demo available!)

This wants more people testing it, seeing how it fits together, and finding issues.

Bug 13618 - Prevent XSS in the staff client and the OPAC

This patch is vitally important to the safety and security of Koha, but it will break a lot of things and will need heaps and heaps of testing.


Plack environment for testing

With the master packages already shipping the Plack integration patches, it is time to try it. Tomas is going to be around to help people set and use kohadevbox. He is already working on a new version of it, focused on this new features we have for the packages. It is expected to be ready in time for this GBSD. Yay!

Bug 14321 - Merge UploadedFile and UploadedFiles into Koha::Upload

This patch adjusts work recently pushed on bug 6874. It addresses some QA concerns from that report and adds functionality too: upload multiple files, better progress reporting, abort an upload. This report provides a base for further extensions of the upload functionality and combining the multiple upload forms we have now.


Bug 14522 - Use Koha::Cache for accessing single_holidays()

When checkouts use the calendar, have lots of special holidays and long circulation periods, things get REALLY slow. This patch gives a big performance boost - think 60+ seconds down to half a second. Needs sign-off.


Bug 13642 - Adding new features for Dublin Core metadata

When exporting to DCXML the file generated does not follows DC-XML recommendations correctly. This patch fix that and also give us the oportunity to serialize the metadata in other formats (RDF, turtle, rdfjson, ntriples, nquad, ntriples-canonical) Likewise SRW-DC and OAI-DC formats can be saved.


Bug 14198 - RDA: Indexing 264 field (Zebra)

What about RDA, right now is the boom of cataloging and Koha isn't a complete tool for the cataloging code?


Bug 14304 - RDA: Display link in XSLT for 264 field to reflect Zebra indexing

Display a link for 264 field reflecting the index listed in bug 14198.

Depends on: http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14198

Bug: http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14304