2012-03-19 Global bug squashing week

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The deadlines for getting new stuff into Koha 3.8 are drawing near!


Global bug squashing days are days designated to a concerted effort to get bugs and patches moving along in the right direction. A global bug squashing week is 5 global bug squashing days in a row. ;-)


The week of Monday March 19th 2012 to Friday March 23rd 2012, in whatever time zone you are in. (And if that is inconvenient you might choose some other time zone than your own...)

Time conversion: Starting time (Monday March 19th 2012 starts in Kiritimati, Christmas Island, Kiribati), ending time (Friday March 23rd 2012 ends in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States).


Wherever you happen to be.

What to do

These pages might also be of interest:

Not sure how to do it? Jump on IRC and you will probably find someone who can help you along!


  • Patches for GBSD - all patches needing a sign-off, failed QA or does not apply (you may have to add the Component column to get the full effect of this: scroll to the bottom of the page, click on "Change Columns", select "Component" and click on the red arrow that points to the right).
  • bug_status.pl shows the number of bugs that need to be signed off, and the colour will change as the numbers gets lower
    • over 60 = red
    • 50-60 = orange
    • 30-50 = yellow
    • less than 30 = green
  • progress.pl shows the changes of status per date (updated in real time, timezone: UTC) Want to play with the data? Here they are, in JSON format.
  • Patch Status Changes
  • Patch status for a given bug
  • Bugzilla Bar Cart shows how many bugs are in the various states of the QA process