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Useful scripts

This page describes some of the useful scripts found in $KOHACLONE/misc

See also Appendix I to the Koha 3.2 manual for information about the cronjobs in $KOHACLONE/misc/cronjobs: import a batch of staged MARC records into database.

Use this batch job to complete the import of a batch of MARC records that was staged either by the batch job or by the Koha Tools option "Stage MARC Records for Import".


   --batch-number <#>   number of the record batch
                        to import
   --list-batches       print a list of record batches
                        available to commit
   --help or -h            show this message. link headings in bib records to authorities.

This batch job checks each bib record in the Koha database and attempts to link each of its headings to the matching authority record. (NB: this script is not very reliable -Jcamins)


   --verbose               print the number of headings changed
                           for each bib
   --test                  only test the authority linking
                           and report the results; do not
                           change the bib records.
   --help or -h            show this message. stage MARC bib file into reservoir.

Use this batch job to load a file of MARC bibliographic records (with optional item information) into the Koha reservoir.

After running this program to stage your file, you can use either the batch job or the Koha Tools option "Manage Staged MARC Records" to load the records into the main Koha database.


   --file <file_name>      name of input MARC bib file
   --match-bibs <match_id> use this option to match bibs
                           in the file with bibs already in 
                           the database for future overlay.
                           If <match_id> isn't defined, a default 
                           MARC21 ISBN & title match rule will be applied.
   --add-items             use this option to specify that
                           item data is embedded in the MARC
                           bibs and should be parsed.
   --no-replace            overlay action for bib record: default is to 
                           replace extant bib with the imported record.
   --comment <comment>     optional comment to describe
                           the record batch; if the comment
                           has spaces in it, surround the
                           comment with quotation marks.
   --help or -h            show this message.
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