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Testing the template toolkit migration

Branch new/enh/bug_5917 tracks master and has the template toolkit work in it. Check this out

A koha-tt directory should have appeared, this contains the 'converted' templates.
Lets move the html template templates out of the way and give the template toolkit set their chance in the spotlight

mv koha-tmpl tmpl-bkp
mv koha-tt koha-tmpl

At this point, assuming you were using this directory as the source for your Koha installation, you should be able to use Koha as you normally would.

To get back to the Html Template Pro version of Koha simply perform a

git checkout master

However git may complain about unsaved local changes, if this is the case then

rm -rf koha-tmpl
mv tmpl-bkp koha-tmpl
git checkout master

Testing Koha with TT

Tested templates and found problems

Non-ASCII characters -- In some OPAC pages, non pure ASCII characters may not be properly displayed.

On opac-authorities-home.pl, the combolist containg authority types, does't display accented character of authority type names. Same issue, in staff, Admin > Authorities Types

Template Status Found problems
login OK Incorrect login does not result in error message. Page reloads with no message.
about OK
acqui/supplier OK
admin-home OK
admin/authorised_values OK When adding a new authorized value the icons are not shown.
Group(s) heading shows up, even when no groups are defined.
admin/itemtypes OK When adding a new item type the icons are not shown.
admin/koha2marclinks OK
admin/preferences OK When saving a syspref the pop up window at the bottom of the page is missing.
admin/z3950servers OK
basket/basket OK
catalogue/detail OK Holding details messed up, empty columns squashed
catalogue/MARCdetail OK MARC fields and subfields do not show. Only pull down to select framework shows.</srike>
catalogue/search OK Facets seem broken, only headings are shown. Search Results: Title links in results don't contain biblionumber, 'ending in biblionumber='.Advanced Search: 'OR Grups of Libraries' shown, even when no groups are defined. Advanced Search: [More Options] and [Fewer Options] change nothing.
cataloguing/addbooks OK 'New Record' button broken.
circ/circulation OK 'Holds waiting:' shows with no holds waiting.
circ/selectbranchprinter OK 'Choose a network printer:' is showing on page. Option does not exist in 3.2.x and master.
Help [?] pop up window is empty. 
help.pl needs to be rewritten to use TT not H::T::P
members/member OK Patron search is broken. Template translation problem? HTML shows: <option value=„surnamecomma0“>Surname</option>
members/memberentry OK Descriptions from 'Patron Account Flags' are missing.
Messaging preferences not working

Datepicker is not opening.

members/moremember OK Instead of address at the top of the page () is shown.

Lots of information like 'Card number:', 'Sex:' is missing. Only labels are shown. Toolbar is broken, instead of buttons only links are shown.'Guarantees:' is shown, even when there are no childs linked to the patron.

tools/viewlog OK Datepicker opens, but selected date does not show up in field.
opac/opac-detail OK When I click on the MARC detail view I get a template error(dschust1@gmail.com)
opac/opac-detail OK When I select save record and select MARC non-unicode I get a template error(dschust1@gmail.com)
OK Holdings table cells misaligned. Item type info/icons missing; location missing; status missing; date due missing
OK Error: line 48: unexpected token (ELSE) [% ELSE %]
opac/opac-user OK Content tabs are not working. All sections are displaying on the page at once.
OK Sidebar tabs do not appear at all
opac/opac-user OK The checkouts table columns are all messed up. Item type shows under call number, call number shows under due date, and due date shows under renew. The data that belongs  in the renew column doesn't appear at all, so there are no checkboxes for renewal.
OK Shows the read-only view even though the edit view is enabled
OK "More options" link doesn't work.
OK Google Jackets don't appear in search results
OK Checkboxes and actions ("Save to Lists" etc) do not appear in search results

Facets don't include original search query. Clicking a facet for a branch, for instance, will search for all items at that branch. (fixed by jcamins)

OK OPAC shows "Log in to your account" link even when the user is logged in

User's name does not appear; Google Jacket images do not appear

When placing a hold, 'hold starts on date' is missing, 'place on' options are missing, 'pick up location' is missing

'tag' and 'add to list' options missing from the cart popup window

Individual list pages not appearing ("opac-shelves.pl?viewshelf=59") The list of lists appears instead. Cannot edit individual lists (although you can delete).
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