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This page is a work in progress to order the huge and messy SQL Report library, moving them to a template. This might be helpful to migrate the whole library to a ad hoc software to handle (vote, comment, improve) reports on a social/community manner.

Hopefully SQL_Reports_Library#SQL_Report_Summary_Template should have this new real mediawiki template instead.


  • Module is now category.
  • Purpose is now description.
  • Developer is now author.


Use this template like this:

| title          = Meaning of life 
| author         = Monty Python
| category       = Holds
| subcategory    = Subholds...
| description    = This report will detect meaning of life.
| status         = Completed 
| query          = <syntaxhighlight lang="sql">SELECT title FROM biblio LIMIT 1</syntaxhighlight>
  • Mandatory parameters: title, description, category, query.
  • Optional parameters: subcategory, author, status.

Known bugs

  • Shouldn't be necessary to use <syntaxhighlight> in every query, but I can't find how to add it to template. More info:

External links

Future works?

Reports in templates might be seen as a halfway alternative to having Report Library managed with a much more comlete software/alternative, with features like import into Koha, vote, import/export, fork, link to related Reports...