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There are three main types of multipart bibliographics:

   Sets with Volumes where a parent set record will have multiple volume records attached to it.
   Serial Analytics where a parent serial record will have multiple analytical article records attached to it.
   Monograph Analytics where a parent monograph record will have multiple analytical article or chapter records attached to it - These are exceedingly rare in reality.
   Collections where a parent collection record groups together biblio records. 

1) - There are three mentioned and four named 2) Link Monograph analytics leads to a non existent page 3) Link Collections leads to an empty page

Where to find info on 2) and 3)?

I think these pages weren't written in the end. But did you see: [Serial_Analytics] - a monograph analytic works exactly the same way. But in versions before 20.11 the link to "show analytics" will only display on the serial host record. The "In" link on the analytics record, will display for both cases. See: Bug 15851 - Only display "Analytics: Show analytics" when records have linked analytics. --Kfischer 17:17, 17 December 2021 (EST)

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