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This article is obsolete

Solr is a platform based on the Lucene text indexing and retrieval software. Both Lucene and Solr are Java based.

Solr is a project of the Apache Software Foundation under the Lucene project.

Both Lucene and Solr are sometimes formally identified as Apache Lucene and Apache Solr designating their relationship to the Apache Software Foundation. Solr is sometimes formally identified as Solr/Lucene designating the relationship of Solr to Lucene.


Main Project Pages

Query Syntax

Solr/Lucene query syntax is a superset of Lucene query syntax. Lucene query syntax is probably best studied first because of a lack of self contained comprehensive Solr/Lucene query syntax documentation.

Lucene Query Syntax

Solr/Lucene Query Syntax

Koha use of Solr/Lucene Query Syntax

Summary Documentation with Koha

Demonstration with Koha

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