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Koha has a built in report called "Holds to pull", which shows reserves that need to be picked from the shelves of the library. As a default, the report shows the titles of the records that should be pulled. But sometimes this is not enough to distinguish between books in a series or different editions. Showing the subtitle and maybe the edition would ensure the right item is picked from the shelf. Here is how to make more information show up in the report.

(This assumes MARC21 or NORMARC as the MARC-flavour, but something similar should be possible for UNIMARC.)

  • Go to Intranet > Koha administration > Keywords to MARC mapping
  • Enter this information into the form:
    • "Field name" = "subtitle"
    • "MARC field" = 245
    • "MARC subfield" = b
  • Click "Submit"
  • Repeat this for all frameworks where it is relevant

The subtitle should now turn up as part of the title on the "Holds to pull" report.

To also include the edition, make another mapping to subfield:

  • "Field name" = "subtitle"
  • "MARC field" = 250
  • "MARC subfield" = a

And lo and behold, there it is.

Note: It is not possible to specify that information from different fields should be delimitied in any way, so the edition information will show up as part of the title.

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