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WARNING! It's not longer necessary to send patches to the mailing list. Please upload them to Bugzilla instead.
See: Git bz configuration

With the recent move of the Koha mailing lists to, the full email address for submitting a patch is now Since that’s a bit long to type every time you submit a patch, here’s one way to save a few keystrokes.

First, create a text file file to define a short alias for the email address. I chose to call the file ~/.git_aliases. The file should contain a line like this:

 alias kpatches

Next, tell Git that you want to use this address book file:

 $ git config --global sendemail.aliasesfile ~/.git_aliases
 $ git config --global sendemail.aliasfiletype mutt

Now, all you have to do is use kpatches in place of the full address. For example:

 $ git send-email 0001-bug-4801-fix-paging-in-display-of-staged-bibs-and-im.patch
 Who should the emails appear to be from? [Galen Charlton ]
 Who should the emails be sent to? kpatches


 $ git send-email -to kpatches 0001-bug-4801-fix-paging-in-display-of-staged-bibs-and-im.patch
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