Roles for 3.8

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With the release of 3.6.0 scheduled for October 22 2011, its time to start thinking about roles for 3.8

Anyone who wants take on any of these roles is more than welcome to put their name next to one and perhaps link to their proposal.

  • Release Manager
  • Translation Manager
    • Frédéric Demians: I'd like to pursue in this role, but associated with an active Koha international contributor, like Katrin or Magnus. It would facilitate a smooth transition for a new translation manager for version 4. From my perspective, the priority for 3.8, will be to extract translation files (.po files) from Koha main git repository and push them into a 'koha-i18n' Git submodule. See the stats of my thinking on the subject in Git Splitting and Shrinking
  • Documentation Manager
    • Nicole C. Engard (I'll continue doing what I'm doing)
  • Documentation of DB
    • Nicole C. Engard (I'll continue doing what I'm doing)
  • Bug Wranglers (the more the merrier, probably?)
  • QA Manager
    • Ian Walls (continuing role from 3.6)
  • Assistant QA Manager
    • Marcel de Rooy: Sorry for adding this subcategory. QAM would be too much, but I'm willing to assist the QAM in checking signed patches in most of the Bugzilla categories.
    • Jonathan Druart: I think I can help for this task. I am new in Koha but code quality is important for me. I already make QA at BibLibre
  • Specific Module maintainers
  • Release Maintainer
  • Packaging Manager
    • Mason James, i would be keen to help with packaging tasks
    • Robin Sheat: officially doing the role I've been informally doing already :)
  • Bus Driver
    • Brooke (I feel like an usurper, so I want some official backing for what I've informally been doing, like Robin.)