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Koha 3.4.0 is a short cycle release, aimed mostly at performance and tidy up. The release date has been called for April 22, 6 months after the release of 3.2.0.

Release Plan

All patches should have at least 1 signoff before the Release Manager looks at them, (exceptions will be made for trivial patches). Preferably 2 signoffs, 1 from the QA manager and 1 from someone else. Although 1 from the QA manager will suffice.

All patches must refer to a bug number, I will then push up a branch that follows this convention

  • new/enh/bug_1234 - For enhancements/new features
  • new/bug_1234 - For bug fixes
  • new/awaiting_qa/bug_1234 - For patches that haven't been QA'd yet, but that I don't want to lose track of

Branches will then be merged into master after testing. Branches will also be removed from master if they cause breakage, until the breakage is fixed.

What makes a good patch?


How you can keep track?

I am keeping a log of all my work here

You can comment etc if you like.

A bug status page is at

What will be in 3.4.0?

RFCs for Koha 3.4